Lincoln Martial Arts Center is the head dojo for the Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan Budo Organization.  This dojo was founded by John Roseberry Shihan in 1972, making it Lincoln's longest running traditional martial arts dojo.  We offer a variety of martial arts instruction to both youth and adults.  

All owners and instructors at Lincoln Martial Arts Center volunteer their time out of a love for the traditional martial arts and a desire to see these arts passed on to future generations.  There is truly something for everyone with an interest in traditional training, with a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere and a common goal for all who train here to improve our mind, body, and spirit.



Lincoln Martial Arts Center makes the safety of our students our highest priority. We are proud to have implemented a Safe Sport program to protect our youth practitioners from all forms of child abuse or misconduct in our dojo.  Our instructors are all trained to recognize signs of child abuse and to report them immediately.

In addition, physical safety of all students is always a focus in our training.  Head Instructors have had First Aid/CPR training and many of our instructors have been trained in concussion awareness.